Registration Guide for Students

Log In To My Portal

Open web browser and type or

Enter Campuswide ID (8 digits, no dashes)

  • New students received it by email when your application was accepted.
  • Continuing students have the same ID as the prior year.  Social Security numbers are no longer accepted as student IDs.
  • International students go to International Student Program Office
  • De Anza - Registration and Student Services Building, 2nd Floor (above the Bookstore)
  • Foothill -  Administration Building, office number 1933
  • AB540 students go to Admissions & Records office or send email to
  • De Anza -   A & R Help Form or
  • Foothill - A & R Help Form or

Important Information

  • Each student must have a unique email address.  Two people who are taking classes cannot have the same email address.  An application will also not be processed if another student is already in Banner with the same email, whether the existing student is registered for the current quarter or not. Each student really must have a unique email to apply.
  • Registration and record holds are district wide.  All holds must be cleared to allow registration, to add or drop a class, or to release academic records.  Check and resolve holds prior to registering.  A hold at De Anza will keep you from registering at Foothill and visa versa.

 Please type in your 8 digit campus and password. Click on the Submit button.    Use links if you forgot your ID or password.


Enter password  

The first time you log into MyPortal, your password will be your 8-digit date of birth, MMDDYYYY.                        

Example:  Sept. 4, 1991 is 09041991

The system will then ask you to set your permanent password.  Please choose at least 8 characters, both numbers and letters, special characters for a new password.

Select Student Registration Tile


You will be directed to the Student Registration Page


When you finish using MyPortal, click on the Logout button

Registration Tools

Clicking on the items listed under Registration Tools will allow you to select your classes, register, add and drop classes, add waitlisted classes, pay fees, select Pass/No Pass grading and see any holds placed on your account.  Each of these functions is documented here.

You will use the registration tab to perform all the functions needed to register and manage your interaction with Foothill and De Anza Colleges.

  • Each college displays its own banner at the top of the web page.
  • Student employees will also have an Employee tab,
  • Financial Aid students will also have a Financial Aid tab.

Get Date to Register

This screen will display the earliest time and date that you can register at the campus where you are admitted.  Enrollment at one campus does not let you register at the other campus.  You must apply to each campus and be admitted and have a date to register in order to register for classes.  

To return to the Student registration page click on the MyPortal tab of your web browser

You will be directed to the Registration Status Page


Searchable Schedule of Classes

  1.  Click on Searchable Schedule of Classes to view available classes.                                             

  2.  Select the College and term where you want to take a class. 
  3.  Then click the Submit button.


Searchable Schedule of Classes screen

  1. The Searchable Schedule of Classes screen will display.
  2. Select the subject(s) you are interested in.  You must select at least one subject to do a search.
  3. To select multiple subjects, hold down the control (ctrl  for PC) or Command (Mac) and choose the subjects you'd like to see.
  4. Optionally, you can also narrow down your search using the entry boxes and drop-down lists in the Advanced Search.  The example to the left shows a search for Accounting and Anthropology classes that meet in the evening on Monday through Thursday (may need to edit).
  5. To execute the search, click on the Course Search button  or the Advanced Search for an advanced search at the bottom of the screen. 
  6. Be aware that a very specific search may not find any classes that fit your specification.

Important:  You Must Attend the First Class!

Attendance at the first class meeting is required.  If you do not attend, the instructor has the option of dropping you from the class to accommodate students on a waitlist.

It is not the responsibility of the instructor to drop a student.  The student must officially drop classes in which s/he no longer wishes to be enrolled.  Please check for the final date(s) to drop on MyPortal to ensure that you have been removed from the course before the last date to drop with a refund or the last day to drop with a "W".

Search based on Course Search 

 When you click the Course Search button, the result of you search will display.  

  • You can use this screen to register for classes that
  1. Have a checkbox to the left of the class listing.
  2. And does not have a Waitlist (i.e. "WL Act" column contains 0).  See instructions about getting on the Waitlist on the next page.
  • Click in the checkbox.
  • Click the Register button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Your Scheduled Classes will then display.
  • Click on Pay Now at the bottom of the screen to pay.


Search based on Advanced Search


 Column Header  "Select" in the above table

Checkbox - class is available for you to add*.

C - the class is closed (see instructions for adding your name to the Waitlist)

NR - Class not available for registration.

SR - Student restrictions prevent enrollment in class (Are you looking at the list before your date to register?)

No checkbox - You are already registered for the class OR you registered for and dropped the course. (See below on how to add a class after you dropped it.)

Column Headers

CRN - is the class' unique ID number or Course Reference number.  It is used to add your name to the Waitlist

Days - "Th" designates Thursday class sessions

Cap - maximum number of students who can register for a class

Act - actual number of students enrolled

Rem - remaining number of seats available

WL Cap - maximum number of seats on Waitlist

WL Act - actual number of students currently on Waitlist

WL Rem - remaining number of Waitlist Seats available

(MM/DD) - first and last day of class

Location - college and room number for on campus classes

*When a Checkbox isn't really a Checkbox

Classes with students on the "Waitlist" may display a checkbox and 1 or 2 "Rem" (remaining) seats.  However, those seats are reserved for Waitlisted students who have not yet added the class.  If you check the checkbox and then click Register, you will get an error message.  If the Waitlist has remaining seats, use the Waitlist process to add your name to the list.

Using the Open Classes Finder

Another way to search for open classes is using the open class finder found on the registration tab.

Choose the College and tern  from the drop-down list.

Click the Go Button


 All currently open classes for that college and term will appear.

Open Classes Finder

3.  You can select filters or specific departments to narrow your search:

 By Department:

4.  When you find a class that you would like to add, copy down the CRN number and go to the Add or Drop Classes link on the registration tab.

Add or Drop Classes 

Add a class

  1. Click Student tab > Registration > Add or Drop classes > Select  a Term and  click Submit button

  • Select the college and term from the drop down menu and click the submit button

Note:  If you want to ADD a class after you dropped it, or were dropped for non-payment, come back to this page and select "Web Registered" from the drop-down list.  If the class is closed, "Web Registered" will not be an option.  However, you can add your name to the Waitlist if there are seats available.

DROP a class

2.  Click Student tab > Registration > Add or Drop classes > Select  a Term and  click Submit button

  • Select one of the options available in the pull-down list.
  • Click Submit Changes

Waitlist Process

  • Determine that seats are available on the Waitlist.  In the example, the first class has 10 Waitlist Slots available, while the class in the 7th row has 9 seats on the waitlist.  If there is no room on the waitlist, you can monitor the list online and if other students waitlisted for this course drop themselves from the waitlist, a space may open to add.  You can also try attending the first time the class meets to see if the instructor can issue you an add code.
  • Students cannot be waitlisted if they are already enrolled in another section of the course, of if the class conflicts in time with any other class.

1.  Write down or copy the class CRN number and click Add to worksheet button at the bottom of the page.

4.  On the next screen that appears, scroll down to the Add Classes Worksheet at the bottom of the page.  Key in or paste the CRN number.  Be sure to enter all five digits.

5.  Click on Submit changes button. 

6.  You will see  Registration Add Errors message in the middle of the screen.  This is normal. Click on submit Changes button and you will be directed to enter the Add Code. 

Follow the instructions for the Add Code for please see below the section on "To add a class if you were on the waitlist"


7.  The system will then display your updated schedule.

IMPORTANT: Waitlisted students must be present at the first meeting of the class.  If you are accepted into the class and receive an add code after classes begin, you must process the add code before the quarter's add deadline.

Adding a Class with an Add Code

For regular 12-week courses, the add period is the first two weeks of the quarter.  Add codes will not work prior to the first day of the class.  Add codes are required after the first day of class (or after the first day of the quarter for online courses) in order to register.  In addition, some courses require completion of prerequisite classes and some are only open to students already approved for special programs.  See Class Schedule for class dates.

Students can add classes once school starts by:

  • Attending the first day of the class and
  • Receiving an Add Code from the instructor if there is room in the class

To add a class if you were not on the waitlist:

  1. Click on the Student Registration Tile found in the Student Channel, in MyPortal, click on Add or Drop Classes under Registration Tools.
  2. Select the college and term from the drop-down menu and click the Submit button.
  3. If you are not on the class' Waitlist, enter the 5-digit class CRN into the Add Classes Worksheet at the bottom of the screen.  If you are on the class' Waitlist, see section below, "To add a class if you were on the waitlist".
  4. Click the Submit Changes button.

5. A screen to enter the Add Code will pop up.  Follow the instructions

IMPORTANT Waitlist Notification: When a class is full, you may place yourself on a waitlist. If a space opens up in the class prior to the term start, you will automatically be enrolled in the class and a confirmation email will be sent to your e-mail address that is on file.

6. Payment in full is due immediately at the time of registration, or before the drop date for nonpayment.  Payment installment schedules are available as well.

To add a class if you were on the waitlist:

  1. Click on the Student Registration Tile found in the Student Channel, in MyPortal, Click on Add or Drop Classes under Registration Tools.
  2. Select the college and term from the drop-down menu and click the Submit button.
  3. From the Action drop down next to waitlisted class select Web Registered 

  4. Click Submit Changes

  5. A screen to enter the Add Code will pop up.  Follow the instructions

  6. Payment in full is due immediately at the time of registration.  Click Pay Now at the bottom of the screen.

Enter the Add Code and Click on the Validate button

Click on the Pay Now button

  Changing Grading Options

Students may select the Pass/No Pass option instead of a letter grade (A, B, C, etc), as long as s/he makes the change no later than the Friday of the fourth week of the term.  For courses shorter than 12 weeks, it is the third week of the term.  Timing determines how this change is made:

  • Before the first day of the class:  Use the Student Registration Tile on MyPortal and select Change Grade Options (Pass/No Pass).
  • Once the class starts:  You will need to download, fill out and print the Pass/No Pass form.  You will not be able to save the completed form.  Print it once you filled it out.  Then sign it and deliver it to Admissions and Records to request the change.

There are a few things you should consider before selecting Pass/No Pass as a grading option:

  • Once a student has selected the Pass/No Pass option, the resulting grade will be final.
  • Some courses are designed as P/NP courses.  A letter grade is not available in these courses.
  • Students selecting the P/NP option must complete all course work and attendance requirements assigned by the instructor.
  • Check with you college as to the number of allowable units that may be taken P/NP and can be applied toward an AA or AS degree.
  • No "P" grades may be applied toward a major or English and Math courses used to fulfill General Education transfer requirements.
  • If you plan to transfer, some four-year institutions require a letter grade for transfer.  Check with counseling or the four-year institution requirements prior to choosing P/NP.

Audit a class

Audit requests cannot be processed until the second week of class or later. A $10 per unit fee is assessed for audited classes

Course audit request forms are available on the Admissions Office student forms webpage as Course Audit Request

Course audits may not be approved to override repetition rules.