Duo MFA FAQs for Part-time Faculty


Q: Where can I find step-by-step instructions for Duo MFA enrollment?


Q: What about people who do not have a phone capable of running the app, or are unable to receive texts?

Duo MFA supports Phone call option. For this option, Duo would call the phone # you register. Pick up the phone call and press any key to approve your authentication request.


Q: Will there be any backup codes available, if your phone is broken, dead, lost? 

Duo MFA supports Bypass code option. Please contact ETS Call Center to request a temporary bypass code.


Q: Can you save a login on a device, or do you need to use the multi-factor authentication (MFA) upon every login, or can it function for at least for a week at a time? 


Duo can remember your session for 15 days. After MFA, click on “Yes, trust browser” on the Duo prompt to remember your session.

Q: What information does the Duo app collect from my device? 

Duo Mobile cannot see your user data like your contacts, it cannot read your text messages, it cannot access your photos (but it can use your camera to scan a QR code if you explicitly allow that permission), it cannot access your files, it cannot erase your device, it cannot see information about other applications on your device. Duo Mobile cannot track your location. In general, the only personal data that Duo Mobile knows about you are the service accounts that you explicitly add to Duo Mobile. For more information, please refer to this Duo article: Duo Mobile Privacy Information

Q: How is this MFA code sent to me? Only through the app, or a text/email?  

Duo sends the code via a push notification (if using the app), a text, or a phone call. 

Q: Are texts secure enough? 

Yes. Use pin to secure access to your phone.

Q: Is MFA needed on the school apps, including Canvas, when we’re in the classroom and need to get at Canvas to teach from it, or the Portal, when we need sudden access to a couple of add codes or emails from a student?  

Yes, MFA is needed when you sign in through Campus Single Sign On. But remember your MFA login can be remembered in the browser for 15 days.

Q: Will MFA be needed on classroom computers? 

 Yes. Employees are required to do MFA. Students are not.

Q: Can the app be installed on more than one device? If so, how easy will it be to access the second device should that become necessary?

Duo Mobile apps can be installed on more than one device. You are encouraged to register multiple phone #s including landlines in case one becomes unavailable.

Q: What if I already use Duo Mobile app outside of our school district?

If you already install Duo Mobile app on your phone for other engagements, you don’t need to install the app again. You will still need to go through the enrollment process to enroll your devices on your scheduled rolled out date. The enrollment process will add the FHDA account to your existing Duo Mobile app. You will be able to approve MFA requests using the same app for different engagements. Please follow the instructions below on your scheduled rollout date.


Q: Will PT faculty still have access to emails, previous Canvas class stats and previous grades and rosters during quarters they are not teaching (for at least a year)? 

Yes. Duo MFA does not change any access policies to these resources.

Q: Is Duo Mobile app is free to download, install and use?

Yes, Duo Mobile app is completely FREE to download, install and use.