Cohort creation requisition form (Adobe sign form) - User instructions

The following user instructions guide gives an overview on the review and approval process of new cohort creation. The forms can been access through the classic MyPortal tile or the new MyPortal card.

Cohort creation approval process


Step 1: Navigate to Adobe Sign Employee Form tile/Adobe sign Forms card to access the “Request to create new cohort” form


MyPortal tile



Step 2: Click on “Start Workflow”


MyPortal tile view



Step 3: Select the campus form to begin the request


Filled & signed by the Requestor


Signed by Departments Division Dean


Updated with Cohort code, Security Class code & signed by Enrollment Services Dean

Step 4: Final step, the form is routed to Banner Security Officer for signature and configuring the security class access in Banner

Additional Note:


De Anza security class code list