How to Access/Navigate Argos 5.x for running NEW reports for Deans

How to Log in

  1. Log in to MyPortal, click on the Reports tab. Alongside the current My Reports area you will find the link to the NEW version as shown below, please click on the Run Argos Reports link

    IF the following campus sign-in page comes up, please log in with your CWID and MyPortal password

  2. You are now logged in to Argos Web Viewer which allows you to RUN REPORTS in the browser



How to get to the NEW Reports for Deans

  1. Locate the Certified folder on the left navigation bar, and click on it

  2. In the Certified folder, datablocks are organized in folders by Functional area, you will see folders of Functional Areas based upon your access/permissions, click on the Deans folder

  3. The datablocks will appear on the right side of the screen, you can now see the NEW ones - Class Projection, Faculty Load - Combined Load - click on the desired datablock 

  4. The datablock will appear

    (Note: There can be one or more reports based on each datablock; e.g. the Class Projection datablock has three reports built off of it)

    Select the parameter values as required - your selections will apply to ALL the reports for this datablock

    In the datablock, to access the required report, click on the down arrow next to Reports menu option in the top navigation bar, and click on the report name

  5. If needed you may change parameter values at the report level as well

    Once ready to run the report, click on the Run button in the top navigation bar


  6. The report can be now be accessed as designed - e.g. if the report output is a CSV file, then follow the prompts to open with Excel, and access it from your computer's Downloads folder


  7. You can then change the parameter values and run the same report again, or select a different report to run, or use the breadcrumb on top to navigate back to the folder and select another datablock, or another folder to access an entirely different report



How to set up Home folder for future direct easy access to Deans folder

Once you log in for the first time, you can set up your 'HOME' folder, as follows, such that on your subsequent logins to Argos you are always landed directly into the folder which contains the datablocks/reports you need to access:


  1. Navigate to the desired folder location:

  2. Click on the gear icon for Settings:

  3. On the next screen that appears click on the Set Home button:


How to Log out

Click on the Log Out button at the top right part of the screen