+New -> Front Page Gallery Slide

Use this option to create a single slide to be displayed on the Gallery Slider. Every website has one Gallery Slider on the landing page.

If you need to add the Gallery Slider to any other page this is the structure you need to create.

This is how you do it

  1. Create a folder and name it '_index-gallery' at the same path as the desired page.
  2. Add the 'Dynamic Slide Gallery' asset from the 'Insert Asset' toolbar to the desired page.
  3. Please make sure you pick the right one with (ets) at the end.
  4. The slider won't be displayed on the page preview. After you publish the page it will show up on the live page. 
  5. Navigate into the '_index-gallery' folder. Use the 'Front Page Gallery Slide'  to add the slides one by one inside the '_index-gallery' folder.
    1. 'Slide Caption' and 'Slide Description' will appear on the bottom gray ribbon of the slide.
    2. Type in the file name, a name that is related to what it displays. (to control the order of the slides add alphabetic letters to the beginning of the file names (e.g, A-file-name, B-file-name, C-file-name, ....)
    3. Select the 'Image' from the gallery that have been already uploaded. ( Note: we prefer you upload the image of the slide you're adding to /images directory. )
  6. Click on 'Create' button.
  7. If you need to link a slide to a URL.
    1. Open the the Slide you just created.
    2. Click on 'Edit Slide Content'. Put your cursor on the 'Insert/Edit Link'.
    3. Select the 'Insert/Edit Link' tool from the toolbar.
    4. Copy/Paste the URL in the URL box or select the page you want by clicking on the magnifier icon next to the box.
    5. Click 'OK'.
  8. Don't forget to Save and Publish everything including the main page, the images and the '_index-gallery' folder.